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This site is great for parents and teachers! I used to have my entire class in Harlem working on this site, and I loved it because I could have them all on different levels at the same time. It was a great way to reach the specific needs of each child. I could take one walk around the class and look at the performance levels and statistics and see exactly what the strengths and weaknesses were of each student. I also encourage my nephew, Austin, to play on this site as well, and he really enjoys it. He most likes the timed tests, because it is more of a challenge.

Thanks to Tessa, the Australian Genius, for the following recommendations!

This website is designed for teachers around the world, although the majority of advertising on the site is geared towards Americans. It contains free lesson plans and ideas for all year levels and subject areas, and an extensive chatboard network which is very active. Although the American chatboard network is very active with advice and assistance, the Australian and UK chatboards are filled more with people looking to teach in those countries.

Also provides free access to Harry Wong's articles and advice through a link on the main site.

Cosier than, this website provides advice for all teachers across most levels of schooling. The messages are often quite lengthy and sometimes difficult to follow, but their sections on classroom and behaviour management are well worth a look. Great for everyone who is a teacher and/or parent around the world.

The best and most informative autism site on the web. Containing researched, referenced, and easy to read information, with information both anyone and everyone interested in Autism and related disorders. Dr. Bernard Rimland, a world-renouned Autism, expert, is the Director, and is one of the world's leading experts on Autism. Although this site is heavily text-based, the information is extremely informative and useful to anyone interested in this disorder.

My number one stop for information on ADHD/ADD/Learnding Differences. With a colourful site, (albeit the colourful advertising all over the place!) this place aims to provide as much information as possible on learing differences. With free ideas, advice and articles, it is well worth a look.

My number one website for quality children's literature. Esme Raji Codell, the owner of the site, is the author of Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher's First Year which is a humourous, eccentric, real life look at the life of a first year teacher in Chicago's public schools. Her website contains book recommendations and ideas for literature from babies to teenagers, including non fiction.

The Educational Resources Information Centre contains articles (some free, some you have to pay for) on education and teaching. You might also like to try free aritcles on education, teaching, classroom management techniques, and other education and parenting advice.

Although the font is small, this website provides extensive links to everything and anything teacher-related. It includes links to some of my favourite sites, such as which is a sometimes-free, sometimes-members-only website providing free worksheets and ideas to teachers.

One of my favourite websites, with free worksheets and ideas, particularly designed for the K-2 age range and other, smaller students. Easy to navigate, however beware of advertising!

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